StART Redefining: What does art mean to you?

Where else can you browse through hundreds of arts and crafts booths while eating a frozen banana and watching a live roller derby performance next to a group putting together a custom motorcycle? Nowhere else than Park Ave. of course. This year’s 8th annual StART on the Street is shaping up to be larger and more dynamic than ever.

“Our focus this year is to redefine art,” said Tina Zlody, one of only nine primary coordinators in charge of orchestrating the traffic-stopping cultural palooza that comes to the city each year. “We also wanted to bring action to the event. This year, you’ll see the art happening right there on the street; some you’ll even be able to participate in.”

Thanks to grants, volunteers, and an overwhelming amount of planning, the non-profit group will once again bring 250+ artists/crafters, 15+ demonstrations, 25+ stage and street performers, and an entire food court comprised of 15+ local vendors together to celebrate art in its many forms. Student artists from Clark will also be participating in the event.

“We want to shake up the idea of art,” she said. “To some, art might be roller derby, so the Central Mass. Roller Derby will be putting on a show.” This year’s half-mile long festival is sure to blow minds and stretch the definition of art while showcasing the raw talent and creativity that can be found right here in Worcester.

“This isn’t a hit and run festival,” Zlody said. “Plan on spending a few hours.” With so many musical acts and events, the celebration changes throughout the afternoon, so take advantage of the cooling pre-fall weather and enjoy yourself as you see a different side of the city of Worcester.

“StART on the Street is a chance for you to see the breath of talent that is in this city,” Zlody said. “It’s a great opportunity to get to know people in the community and possibly shake off some of the negativity about Worcester.” With so much diverse creative energy in the city, it’s no surprise why the small organization behind StART on the Street is so passionate about the Woo.

“I love seeing the reactions of the people coming onto the street, and not just those of the students, but some people who have lived in Worcester their whole lives, saying ‘This is Worcester?’” said Zlody.

Vendors from around the city will provide a smorgasbord of choices including vegan and vegetarian options. You’ll find fare from The Flying Rhino, The Loving Hut (formerly Buddha Hut), One Love Café, and Elsa’s Bushel & Peck among many others.

Musical performances are scheduled throughout the event from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, check out the official StART on the Street website at


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