Jason Derulo Coming to Clark

He performed at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month and has shared the stage with names such as T. Pain, Akon, and Mims. Lady Gaga featured him for six weeks during her “Monster Ball” tour of North America, but mixed opinions are still flying on campus about Clark’s upcoming fall concert that will bring the pop/mainstream R&B sounds of Jason Derulo to Clark on the 29th.

“I’m not going,” said junior Nathaniel Norton-Freeman. “I’m usually disappointed that the school never brings bands that I like to campus, but I am the minority here and in a vote, I lose. Though I don’t like it, I can accept it. I’m sure most of the campus will have fun at the show.”

Is Clark a good venue? Does it suit the singer/dancer’s vibes? Some students have never even heard the name.

“It’s cool that they are bringing a pretty big artist to campus,” said Zach Shaw. “However, I’m pretty indifferent to it since I’m not really a fan of him or his genre of music.”

Derulo’s musical credentials also include collaborations with P. Diddy and Lil Wayne. He’s written songs and produced with many famous names, but if you’re like me, (and a lot of other Clarkie’s I’m assuming) pop music doesn’t usually turn your head… at least not because it’s good.

“It’s really great that Clark can get a big name artist, I suppose, but I know there are many like myself who are not going to the concert simply because we dislike Jason Derulo’s music, if you can call it that,” said Clarkie Laura Overton.

Still, plenty of students are thrilled to have the chart-topping artist coming to campus.

“The concert should be energetic and fun,” said junior Jenna Wills. “I’m excited.”

“It’s always exciting to see a bigger artist on campus and it’s even cooler that we’ll get to see one with such a large focus on production, but I personally don’t think his music is anything original,” said Hudson Eakin, who is a member of the music community himself. “It should be a really fun show, but I was hoping for an artist like Atmosphere or K’naan. Even Reel Big Fish has more substance than Derulo.”

In the summer of 2009, Derulo’s number one hit on the Billboard Top 100, “Whatcha Say” earned him some strong recognition and went triple platinum. He’s followed up that success with singles like “In My Head” and “Ridin’ Solo” which have also caused a stir on the pop music seismograph.

With so many mainstream acts relying on auto tuning to keep them on key, it’s hard to say what sets Derulo aside from the plastic mesh of pop music. According to many concert reviews online, attendees report that his dancing is what saves his live show.

As his website, http://www.jasonderulo.com, touts “Singer, songwriter, dancer, and actor Jason Derulo belongs to a new breed of multi-hyphenate artists who know no creative boundaries.” It must be hard to live up to the hype of four titles. We’ll see if Derulo will make a memorable performance or just be another poorly-attended concert on Clark campus.

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