Celebrating Main South: Reclaiming Crystal Park for the Community

The eclectic neighborhood of Main South came together Saturday afternoon at University Park to remember the many reasons why residents love the area. This year’s second annual community festival Main South Celebrates, organized by the Main South Community Development Corporation, featured free food, music, crafts, a farmer’s market, a huge kid’s area, and various community resources.

Attendees were encouraged to come up to the mic and offer their reasons why they celebrate Main South. Some said the ability to walk anywhere they need to get, and others talked about the diversity. One individual even mentioned Clark.

“I love Main South because it’s the best play to live in this city,” Worcester’s Mayor Joe O’Brien said. O’Brien is the first mayor to be from this neighborhood, and he’s proud of it.

The farmer’s market featured loads of ripe fall vegetables, and there were also pumpkins, farm fresh apples, and autumn baked goods to complement the bit of foliage already on the ground at Crystal Park.

The warm sunny weather made for a perfect atmosphere for the horse and carriage rides and the paddleboats brought to the water.

Children ran around with painted faces as they danced to the sounds of area bands including Clark’s own musical ensemble, The Great Whiskey Rebellion. There were also stations providing youth activities like saori weaving and flag football.

Local venues like One Love Café, The Loving Hut, Spiritual Haze, and Flats also set up stations. Worcester Earn-a-Bike was also on scene helping answering attendees’ questions about a more green option of getting around the Woo.

Clark EMS, the Worcester Family Health and Social Service Center, and the Regional Environmental Council were just a few of the tents set up to help and inform the community, and the Worcester Tree Initiative was also there to enlighten the masses about the Asian Longhorn Beetle, a pest killing acres of trees in the area.

Main South celebrated both its diversity and its unity, and stayed dedicated to making the event about bettering the atmosphere and the community of the neighborhood.

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