Excessive Information

The Internet is making me ADD. As I sit here in the ivory tower that is the Goddard Library writing a piece of academic banter, I can’t help but notice how differently the internet is making me behave. There have been talks on campus about slowing and how the World Wide Web is affecting our brains, but I’m beginning to see it very clearly for myself in my day to day life. Frankly, it scares me.

Take this example: remember when internet browsers didn’t have tabs? You were forced to focus on one webpage at a time… unless you were like me and opened a bunch of windows at once to compensate. (I think Firefox stole the idea from me.) Still, the Internet was primarily a one-window ordeal for a long time. Pages also took a lot longer to load and were generally full of fewer ads and other nonsense.

Take a second to look at your browser next time you’re online. How many tabs do you have open? How many windows? Right now, I’ve got two articles open in Adobe Reader, five Microsoft Word documents, and Firefox has about half a dozen web pages open at once. My desktop stays clean for the reason that I never see it. I always have a thousand things open at once, and I’m constantly flipping through them. All this information doesn’t seem excessive until I notice just how much is on my plate.

And I wonder why I have trouble concentrating in the age of information…

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