One Reason Why I Love Worcester

Kids breakdancing at the Worcester Youth Center.

This city gets a bad rap, but there’s something great about it. Living here, I feel like I’m fully immersed in our global society. Coming from a small town in rural North Carolina, I never really appreciated the rich diversity of this country and the real sense of the “melting-pot.” In Worcester, I am constantly reminded that cultures are blended together in the US.
I went to the bank to cash my checks from my job where I work with (among others) people from Puerto Rico and Italy. My teller was from Brazil. The other, the Dominican Republic by way of California. The man beside me was from India. We all talked about international life and travel, and although I didn’t have much first-hand account to offer, just being in that environment was enjoyable. Illegal Cuban cigars, the best Brazillian liqueur none of us had ever heard of, Indian flight costs and transfers in Mumbai… Just one of the many globalized conversations I have a day living in the incredibly diverse city that is Worcester, Massachusetts. I called Clark’s escort service for a ride back in a van made in Japan, driven by a girl from India, as words of Spanish and Portuguese still echoed between my ears.

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