Photos: Week 12 – The Passing Faces

It’s funny how little we think about all the faces we encounter in a day. After years of being in a densely populated area, we become numb to it all. I don’t look people in the face anymore. I hardly notice them usually. I’ve got headphones on, and I’ve been trained to avoid potential conflict by keeping to myself. Thanks, society. One passive aggressive way I’m getting back in touch with those hundred of passersby I see – candid shots from the hip with my super wide angle lens. Just from these few that I shot in Boston this past weekend, I’ve gotten so much. Each person I saw that day was so full of character that I’m starting to notice again. The world is a beautiful place.
The old married couple. They were cold, tall, and looked oddly similar to one another. She clutched her purse. The hipster/punks. They were trying way too hard, turning themselves into a spectacle for all the wrong reasons. The Asian woman with her (I’m assuming) daughter. With the American flags on the side and their somber expressions, I think this was one of my favorite shots of the day. The filmesque sauntering group. Oh, the plot I could develop about this group. They were pretty awesome looking.

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