Still Eating…

On the menu: mini lasagna! I’ve been very into the muffin pan lately. I made some mini pizzas last week, and this week, I tried out a recipe for Petite Lasagnas that I found on Stumbleupon. Oh, how I love browsing the random things of the internet. The recipe called for won ton wrappers, which totally blew my mind. I’d never thought of it, but it makes perfect sense; they are just noodles, after all. I’m thinking I’ll probably make some ravioli or perogies with the leftover wrappers. The only deviations I made to the recipe I used included making it vegetarian friendly. I opted out on the turkey. I also didn’t cook the onions that I mixed in with the ricotta. They were diced finely enough that it didn’t matter. I also put in tons of garlic and oregano and used baby swiss and feta instead of mozzarella on top.


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