Poaching Pears

I’ve cooked many a dish, but this one truly was the most delicious and most beautiful kitchen creation I’ve ever tackled. It was easy and really, really enjoyable. Coastal North Carolina got a dumping of snow today. The steady flurries amounted to about 6 inches, something I probably won’t see here again for a while. Worcester will no doubt have me completely disgusted with the white stuff soon enough, but today it provided my family and I with some quality time after the wonderful Christmas we had. This year has been nice. We scaled back, spent more time with each other, and ate a lot of great food. The spices in the poaching broth for these pears filled the house with a nice, warming, winter smell, getting us through the weather. Leaning over the pot, it almost smelled like cider. If the incredibly beautiful result of this recipe isn’t enough to get you hopping into the kitchen, make it for the smell!

Peel 'em and poach 'em in nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, honey, and vanilla.

Save some of the broth to cook down into a syrupy glaze at the end.


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