Clark Music: Flavor Operator’s Debut in Review

Band: Flavor Operator
Austin Tuttle – Guitar/Vocals
Rick Segal- Vocals/Keyboard/Synthesizer
Jarrod Brennet- Bass
John Coppola- Drums
Alt. Hip Hop, Eclectic
Savor the Flavor
Where to listen:


Flavor Operator brings a lot of energy to the table in their short but sweet 5-track debut, Savor the Flavor. They pack in a lot of sound, versatility, and liveliness.

The first track, “Body Warm” starts out very intensely. The synthesizer adds a lot of peppy, happiness to their mix, and if you’re not in the mood to jump around and dance, Savor the Flavor might not be right for the moment. The guitars are screaming and have just the right amount of distortion to give them a crunch that’s not too distracting. The wah petal in the opening adds to the light air about the song, complimented by the ska, pop-punk vibe of the track. While I’m not crazy about the vocals, they’re not bad. The tempo builds, and the song leaves you very pumped up.

After this high, the next track levels out for a calmer feeling. The guitar riffs in “Checkpoint” are an excellent addition; they blend right in and don’t get lost in any other clutter. They’re smooth and fit right in. The piano work in this track and the mellow drums also churn out an awesome rhythm.

“Concept Machine” has a very chilled out feel, easing you into the rest of the EP. It’s definitely something you can dance to and although it’s calm, there’s definitely some complex musical arrangement. The synth adds some cool effects hovering in the background, and the lyrics rhyme and melt together as the group plays with repeated sounds in the words. The track ends with some nice dynamic moments and rests. The boys of Flavor Operator definitely know their music.

Images courtesy of the band's Facebook profile.

The next track slams you back into place with a heavily distorted, loud opening. “Indie Nikes” is kind of a rock/heavy funk nod to the classic “My Adidas.” While some of the vocals sound a bit disjointed, the rolling bass and overall tightness of the music gives this track the cohesion it needs to work.

The last track on the list, “Strangely Enough” is an ode to their inspiration. Spacey guitar riffs add an ethereal feel that goes well with the lyrics. I found myself listening more to the background instruments in some of the songs. Maybe they should add in some instrumental fills more often. They’ve definitely got the talent to just jam between verses.

That being said, Flavor Operator’s lyrics are pretty awesome and I definitely recommend slowing down to give them a thorough listen. They’re very thought-provoking and are often pretty funny. They get a little neglected in some of the songs, drowning in some of the heavy sounds, which is occasionally a fault of theirs. They’ve got a lot going on and it’s a bit overwhelming, but overall I was impressed with Flavor Operator. I caught a glimpse of them during the end of semester midnight breakfast. They played “Mad World” and a few other great covers. This band definitely meshes well and knows how to put together great songs, and I have a feeling they’ll only get better with age.

Keep an eye out for them around campus and download Savor the Flavor for free at Bandcamp.

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