No Shame: Facebook in the Classroom

Many different views are held concerning students using their laptops in class. Usually, I don’t really care one way or another, but there is something about a computer next to you that’s inherently distracting.

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One thing that I find strange is students’ tendency to publicly Facebook stalk their classmates while in class with them. Facebook stalking is something we’re all guilty of whether we want to admit it or not. Those people you haven’t seen since high school, that person who got on your nerves the other day, or that weird coworker. We’ve all done a little independent investigation through Facebook, but it’s not usually something to flaunt. Who really wants to admit that they waste their time looking pictures of “friends” they hardly know?

Once, I noticed one of my classmates browsing my Facebook page… while I was sitting in the same room. Students will openly engage in the online networking site while exposed to the rest of the class. If you sit in the front row, you might want to be a little more aware of who’s potentially surfing the web with you by proximity.

Ironically, I was sitting in a communications course at the end of last semester when I saw the worst case of it. The kid next to me was watching online videos of stupid people getting hurt – it was a Failblog-like site. Between snickering at the videos, he pulled out his smart phone to do a little texting. Then Facebook chat popped up in another tab. Really? I realize we’re in a communications class, but I think you’re taking it a bit too far. If nothing else, just pay attention in class for the sheer reason that it’s probably costing you (or your parents) a lot to sit there.


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