Toying with Memories of Childhood: The exhibit all about toys

The Show About Toys. Exhibit compiled by Clark University students Amanda Kidd Schall and Stephanie Richardson. Traina Center for the Arts, 2nd Floor Gallery. Worcester, MA. All photos by Ashley Klann.

Victoria Krinsky
Shoe Lace Pendant

With time, our once prized toys get put away and forgotten, because we feel we’re too old. Barbies are nostalgic, as are their fake smiles and flimsy accessories, but it’s nice to give them a new life, to recreate them within a new arena. This is an old shoe from one of my dolls, and I like to keep it close around my neck to remind me of simpler times.

Molly Burman

It’s interesting the things that w hold onto throughout our lives. When I look back, Ruffles is the thing that’s been in my life the longest. Despite her appearance, Ruffles is a dog. She’s been living with me since I was bor. I now see her as a wizened old lady who came to college with me. She is threadbare and ripped all over. It was important to me to show how 21 years aged the stuffed animal. It was also crucial that I photograph her in her natural habitat – my bed. I hope that this piece reminds everyone to get in touch with their roots.

Stephanie Richardson
Hello Dolly

Sure, she’s kind of creepy and naked, but why? What’s her story? Where did she come from? Was she loved and cared for, or was she prematurely replaced by a Malibu Barbie and donated to Goodwill? I’m interested in stories such as these and what they mean in a lager social context.
This photo was one of the first photographs I took with my toy camera. Working with plastic cameras requires a spontaneity and surrendering of control that I have difficulty realizing in other aspects of my life. It is both liberating and exciting to create these beautifully imperfect images.

Sampson Wilcox
Space Zamboni

To me, toys are living objects to engage with, and help one detach from reality. They are a vehicle that puts me in a self invented world of reflection. I have always identified with ships and vehicles in general, and the endless imagination behind fantasizing them into existence. This piece touches on a few specific points of nostalgia for me, as well as a more recent theme of cleansing I have tired to bring into my work. Zambonis rejuvenate a rough surface of ice, leaving a smooth plane to glide on.

Hugh S. Manon
Le Regard

Steel, Plastic, Spray Paint
Unmodified found object of unknown origin. Possibly a factory mold used in making toy owls.

Phoebe Cape
Building Block Building

This piece looks at the world through the simplicity of a child’s perspective. It also alludes to the ever-growing complexity of our adult lives, as simple childhood building blocks become part of a multifaceted structure.

Olivia James

This piece is made from a combination of various wires, clay, leather and thread. I let the materials guide my creation, working with the limitations and abilities of each. At the end, these is an element of surprise that emerges after seeing what developed out of these materials that once were disjointed but now depend on each other.

Gifted Children
By Messy

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