From Tuesday night to Wednesday morning: The most depressing part of the week

Main South from the Clark campus. Photo by Ashley Klann.

I love the warmer weather we’ve been getting lately and the chance to open up the windows. Usually I love sleeping with the windows open, but lately I’ve noticed that it makes it incredibly hard to fall asleep. No, it’s not the traffic or sirens that I have a problem with. It’s the shopping carts full of redeemable aluminum cans that jumble down the streets of Worcester every Tuesday night.

Recently I was on my way to Traina. Usually when I put on my headphones, I’m in my own bubble, clearing my head before filling it up again in class. To my right were three people all pushing carts full of trash and cans right down the middle of the street.

Here I am a highly privileged student at a pretty well-known university. Somehow, this world brimming with flat screen TVs and expensive degrees lies next to families barely making ends meet, scratching the bottom.

Maybe it’s the socialist in me, but I can’t understand how this gap exists in a developed country. Shouldn’t taking care of these issues be our primary objective?

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