Freshmen may disregard this rant

Why? Because you just don’t understand. Yet. But you will.

Every year since my first year atClark, I’ve been confronted with the same conversation at some point. Boy, do first-year students suck. Why? Well, we’re not all that sure. They try really hard. They don’t know where Dana Hall or Razzo are. They aren’t sure which street runs next to the parking garage. They don’t know aboutWorcester’s crazy St. Patrick’s Day Parade or why there are hearts on some of the street signs in the city. They haven’t honed their skills yet, and they don’t know what they’re talking about.

But I digress. While all of those answers at some point or another could be valid, they aren’t the real reason, and it’s taken me quite a while to figure out just what’s so annoying about first-years.

Before you all start sending me angry emails, I must admit my reasoning. It’s because I’m a little jealous. As much as I’m ready to embark on my epic post-undergraduate experience (albeit a fifth-year on the same campus) and as much as I’m ready to step into the real world, I’m jealous. I don’t get the same satisfaction walking around this campus as you do, first-years. I don’t get the same novel experience watching the seasons change for the first time, not knowing what Freud will look like covered in a foot of snow. I won’t get the same amazement you’ll get going to Gala for the first time or witnessing an election in the caf for the first time. I’ll never have that again, and I’m jealous.

So, enjoy it. Enjoy those trips to the Bistro for quesadillas you know you shouldn’t be eating. Enjoy having to sneak around the dorms during quiet hours. Enjoy the new and sometimes awkward moments, because soon, they won’t be as new.


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