Designing Information

I watched a TED talk recently by David McCandless, “The Beauty of Data Visualization.” He began by discussing how generally overwhelmed by information we all are in this digital age, something I’ve certainly talked about before. But this TED talk moved into something I hadn’t really considered when thinking about why we’re all so distracted – design.

What does design have to do with information? The more the better.

McCandless explains that with good design, information can be transformed and can be used much more effectively, eliminating a lot of the haze of distraction that seems to plague us all.

For my Communication Design course, we’ve been asked to explore the topic a little. Check out these fascinating and brilliantly designed infographics.


The World As 100 People


Who’s Paying for the President?


The Best Beer in America

how-to-choose-the-best-airplane-seat_50290a6e9208fChoosing the Best Airline Seat


Lunch Break – Nutrition in the Average Lunch

Things That Happen in 1 Minute

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