A Shot at Infographics

I’ve been doing some design work in my final semester of grad school, including an advocacy poster and logo design. Before we move on to the final project for the course, we were instructed to use good design to convey information — something that can easily become too complex if you’re not careful.

I picked a topic that relates to what I’m working on for my capstone project, which revolves around Shriners Hospital for Children.



Statement: For my third class project, I decided to design an infographic. I’ve always admired how someone can make a beautifully designed, informative, inviting and interesting composition. My topic relates to my capstone project, which revolves around Shriners Hospital for Children in Boston. I took the information from a posting on their Facebook page and tried to reconceptualize it. I wanted to make the poster more inviting than the topic suggests. It’s likely people wouldn’t want to think about children who have sustained burns, but when displayed in a more simple and visually appealing manner, perhaps more attention would be captured by this infographic than seeing the fact written out in a matter-of-fact way.

I also added a new slogan for the hospital, “Help the Healing,” which I think is more compelling than their current “Love to the Rescue” campaign.


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