Shooting From the Hip – Chicago

Recently my partner and I drove across the country from Massachusetts to our new home on the West Coast — Seattle. Along the way, we found ourselves in places we never thought we’d step foot in. Chicago was an amazing city that felt so cosmopolitan. It’s like a warmer, more spacious version of New York… with a much nicer coast. And the pizza… Okay, so they aren’t that similar.

But one similarity came in how I photographed this city — from the hip. Shooting candid shots of passersby is one of my favorite things, especially when you’re in an environment where people are dressing to be seen. Check out these classic and sometimes quirky views of the “Windy City.”

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5 responses to “Shooting From the Hip – Chicago

  • infraredrobert

    Glad to have you back! I too like to shoot this way – you think you know what you are gong to get…but not exactly.

    • Ashley Klann

      Yeah, sometimes it’s a wonderful surprise! And it’s good to be back 🙂 It was a grueling drive, but soooo enjoyable. We went through the Badlands and Yellowstone, Detroit and Toronto. SO many great images to share!

      • infraredrobert

        Looking forward to your posts. Nothing quite like the landscapes out West – difficult to capture in two dimensional pictures – but that never has stopped me from trying.

      • Ashley Klann

        Well said! It’s funny, before making the trip, many people told me how “boring” and “tedious” the driving in some states would be when traveling across the country, but I didn’t experience that at all. Guess those were people who can’t appreciate the beauty in rolling green hills dotted with cows.

      • infraredrobert

        Probably similar to the response I get when I tell people I’m excited about finding another abandoned asylum to shoot. Nothing quite like the vastness and the different quality of the air – and less psychotic drivers for sure!

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