Google Glass – New technology that’s already banned?


Apparently, this logo is being publicized by “Stop the Cyborgs,” as an anti-Google Glass effort.

Last weekend, I noticed on Twitter that a few of my friends were already trying out Google‘s latest gift to the world — Google Glass. Thanks to an informative video the company released some time ago, I was familiar with the freakishly futuristic device. My friends’ verdict? Interesting stuff. Kinda creepy. Probably somewhat inline with the opinions of most.


…Are you kidding?

But recently I found that one establishment has had a more intense response to Google Glass.

A diner/bar in Seattle’s downtown area has posted on their website that customers hoping to stop in while wearing the new technology will be asked to leave. The 5 Point Cafe asks individuals to “respect our customers privacy as we’d expect them to respect yours.”

They (pretty hilariously) also say that Google Glass is “what will for sure be a new fad for the fanny-pack wearing never removing your bluetooth headset wearing crowd.” Unless people on Segways need something else to feel self-conscious about… Hey, I’ll admit, while I’ve never used a bluetooth headset or worn a fanny-pack (that time at Disney when I was 5 doesn’t count), I’m mildly interested in Google Glass.


My point here is how easy it is to unnoticeably photograph, record, and therefore invade the privacy of anyone, anywhere. It’s a modern way of life that by going out in public, you risk being in the background of someone’s Instagram shot or overheard by someone taking a video. I usually photograph meals I’m about to eat and did at the 5 Point. Did I capture some other customers with my fisheye? I’m positive. Do I think it’s wrong? No, but it can be done maliciously, and I’m sure it is by someone out there with no life.

This was just such an interesting response to this new technology. We’ve already seen enforcers of the law trying to push against photographing and capturing video in public. Photographers have being harassed due to privacy and more often “security.”

But where will this lead us?

Most reactions to new tech are negative until we find the right niche or get used to how it’s actually going to be used. But banning it? I don’t think that’s quite the way to go. In reality, most people probably aren’t going to be photographing you and your friends at the bar either drunk or accidentally wearing that club sandwich on your face. But I’m sure for the creepy and malicious, Google Glass is Pandora’s Box.


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