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Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a book I wrote a couple years ago, printed by Blurb.com for a photography class I took. I really enjoyed the ability to discuss and write about my work and process in detail and I feel like the book is a great representation of who I am as an artist. So, if you’re curious about the ideas in my head and why I photograph what I do, check it out.





Best of – Urban Decay

Urban and rural decay has been one of the most fulfilling photography experiences for me. While a lot of people look at rusted, abandoned, forgotten things and feel a sense of emptiness, for me it’s quite the opposite. These memories have so much in them, and they remind me of an area’s past.

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Having grown up in a very rural area, it amazed me when I came to New England’s second largest city to see the type of history left behind. Worcester has a rich past full of industry, immigrants, and diners — all of which have played a vital role in my capturing of it.

Hope you enjoy this collection of some of my best photos of urban decay.


Going Local

So, for anyone who’s following my blog or ends up stumbling upon it, I’m now employed at GoLocalWorcester, which is awesome. Getting paid for what I want to do? Hell yeah. Here are the first two stories I’ve done.