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On the Job: Warren VS Brown

As my time at GoLocalWorcester comes to a close, I’m feeling a little nostalgic about all the events and things I covered — from the intense, most expensive US Senate race in our nation’s history, to watching the area’s fiercest cyclists tackle the steepest hill in the city at the George Street annual competition — covering news and happenings in Central Mass. was a whirlwind.

I wanted to share some of these moments I had, some of which didn’t always get included in the stories I wrote. There’s only so much room for visuals.

For the first installment, I went through my photos from the US Senate race between Scott Brown (R) and Elizabeth Warren (D). The race was an ongoing spectacle filled with nasty accusations, gaffs, and tremendous funding. I followed them to office openings, meet-and-greets at local diners, speeches, and public venues and garnered some national attention for some of the pieces I wrote. It was a really fun experience, and at the end of it, I felt I had learned a great deal about political reporting and campaigns, and gained a lot of self-confidence.

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I’ll be bringing you some more slideshows in the next few days, chronicling other news events in the area and some of the lighters things I’ve covered during my time in Central MA.


Surreal Moments of Reality

Let’s play a little word association. When you hear “war” I guarantee “tourist trap” is definitely not the first thing that pops into your head. Apparently things run a little differently in the war-torn jungles of Vietnam.

Thanks to Samantha Brown’s show on the Travel channel, I became aware of this reality. Apparently leftover, discarded weapons from the Vietnam War are used in shooting ranges there, set up and maintained by locals, for tourists. The cheery host flinched throughout her cue-card reading as shots from AK-47s boomed around her and the man humbly showing her through the area. While veterans around the world remain shell-shocked and crippled with PTSD, some of those more fortunate to have never seen first-hand combat are shooting those very same guns they used to kill, for fun on vacation. How something as destructive and agonizing as war got contorted into a money making tourist stop is completely beyond me. If you’ve got a dollar to spare, you can do a round yourself.

I know people domestically have been profiting from war for years, but this instance is a bit too blatant for me to handle.

Things like this often force me to question reality altogether. Is this really happening? It sounds like something from a futuristic, plagued dystopia you’d find deep within the pages of Bradbury, Orwell or Huxley. When opposites of these proportions collide, it just makes me lose a bit of my sanity. Oh, what wonders the future must hold in store for us! I just can’t wait.