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Freeway – HDR

Freeway - HDR

An HDR image of Interstate 5 cutting through the north side of Seattle. Shot with my Rokinon 8mm fisheye lens.

Usually Photomatix does a fine job of giving me the HDR effect that I like — surrealistic enough to make you wonder how it’s done, but not enough to make you question the scene’s existence. This time, I blended two tonemapped versions of this photo, one of the sky and background separately, with another of the traffic to get the prefect balance I wanted.


Night Lights

Night Lights. Got some great shots tonight of the snow and silent streets. I really love what a different world it becomes when it snows, especially at night. The way the lights reflect off the snow, and the way they take in all of the colors of the night — the streetlights and passing cars.

Taken with my Rokinon 8mm, f11, ISO100. I think there’s one HDR in there, too, for good measure.

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Photos: Week 3 (More Light Graffiti)

Some more light graffiti for your viewing pleasure… Like my other experiments with light, I always try to use it to interact with the environment and illustrate something intangible. Here, it’s music. It’s creativity. My B.C. Rich Bich was very cooperative for the shoot. I used a pen with a changing LED light in it for the light source. Frank, expect this one to be printed for class (or at least one like it)!

Light Graffiti

Here are a few examples of some of my photography, specifically a technique called light graffiti or light painting. By leaving the shutter open on your camera and using a mobile light source in a dark space, you can pretty much transform any area into your own canvas with which you can interact.

Spinning Out of Control

All you need is a camera, a stable place to put it, and a light. Any flashlight or even a cell phone will work, but LED lights create very vivid effects. Strobe lights and glowsticks are also fun to use. Let your imagination go wild!

On Fire

Created using an LED light and my fisheye lens.


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