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On the Job: The Lighter Side

While my time at GoLocalWorcester kept me busy with Senate special elections, city council meetings, and other newsy stuff, I was always happy to don another voice for the lighter stories. I went to openings at the local science museum, covered street art fairs, and watched some of New England’s most physically fit bike their way up the steepest hill in the city.

job photos (63)It’s hard to say what events were the most rewarding, but definitely one of the most challenging was covering the blizzard that earned Worcester’s the record snowfall amount in winter 2012-2013. That… was a doozy.

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Harvard University – MC Escher Style

Harvard University - MC Escher Style

Took this photo a couple years ago when a friend came to visit. We went to Boston, and I tried to include all of those quintessential moments — the Common, the historical sites, and of course walking across the Charles to Harvard.

I left this shot in black and white to emphasize the patterns. Really reminds me of some of Escher’s crazy work.

Boston Common – Surreal Spring

Visited the Boston Common yesterday and was completely blown away by the beautiful blooming trees, tulips, and multiple weddings going on in the park. It was teeming with life and almost surreal.

In editing these, I was really going for something different. My aesthetic is a constantly changing thing, and inspiration can come from anywhere — even a new pair of sunglasses. That’s right, my sunglasses. When I put them on, the bright green leaves against the deep blue sky just popped. When editing, I wanted to mimic this look, and the result made me think I also got some inspiration from fellow WordPress-ing photog Infraredrobert. His work at Digital Infrared is pretty great, and if you like my work here, you’ll certainly get a kick out of his gallery.

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A Little Bit of Design for Good Measure II

Photography at this point is second nature to me, but design on the other hand, is something I’m just starting to get familiar with. Working with Adobe Illustrator wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it was going to be, and was much more complicated than its cousin, Photoshop.

Right now, I’m taking a course as a part of my masters — Communication Design. (Previous assignment can be seen here…) Our second assignment was to create an advocacy poster. At the time, the DOMA and Prop 8 hearings were going on, and I wanted to create something about gay marriage and human rights… But as you can see, that’s not exactly how things turned out…



For my advocacy poster, my original idea was much different. My first poster design was for human rights, specifically in relation to the Supreme Court’s hearing on gay marriage. After class, I was mulling over my concept and thought it was just too complicated. My cat was being very photogenic, and I captured the image for the poster that night. Immediately after looking at the image, the idea popped into my head.

I decided that with the image effects, and the concept of an abandoned, shelter pet, a grungy, bold typeface would be the best choice to capture attention and keep with the theme of the poster. The simple statement, “Adopt a Shelter Pet,” drives the message home, to make sure the idea is clear, and I added the logo of a local shelter to make it a little more real.


Slideshow: Beautiful Spring Morning in Boston

Spent the early morning walking around the Back Bay. Thought I was going to do some street portraits (see them here: http://tinyurl.com/ae22ezr), but the springtime sun captured my attention more than I anticipated. Now if we could just get some leaves on the trees….

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Small Wonders

This year, the city I live in won the “Golden Snow Globe” award for being the snowiest city in the nation with a population over 100,000 people. We received 108.9 inches. (If you can consider that something worthy of praise.) While I’m pretty sick of snow at this point, I had a ton of chances to capture it, big and small. Macro shots of the snow were a lot of fun, and made me think about composition a lot differently.

Things get a little more difficult, I found, when you’re dealing with such a narrow depth of field and small subject.

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Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a book I wrote a couple years ago, printed by Blurb.com for a photography class I took. I really enjoyed the ability to discuss and write about my work and process in detail and I feel like the book is a great representation of who I am as an artist. So, if you’re curious about the ideas in my head and why I photograph what I do, check it out.