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Smith Memorial Arch – Planet

A planet view of the Smith Memorial Arch in Philadelphia.

planet final

More of my planet photos here: http://aeroartist.deviantart.com/gallery/39738882


On the Job: The Lighter Side

While my time at GoLocalWorcester kept me busy with Senate special elections, city council meetings, and other newsy stuff, I was always happy to don another voice for the lighter stories. I went to openings at the local science museum, covered street art fairs, and watched some of New England’s most physically fit bike their way up the steepest hill in the city.

job photos (63)It’s hard to say what events were the most rewarding, but definitely one of the most challenging was covering the blizzard that earned Worcester’s the record snowfall amount in winter 2012-2013. That… was a doozy.

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A Little Bit of Design for Good Measure II

Photography at this point is second nature to me, but design on the other hand, is something I’m just starting to get familiar with. Working with Adobe Illustrator wasn’t as intuitive as I thought it was going to be, and was much more complicated than its cousin, Photoshop.

Right now, I’m taking a course as a part of my masters — Communication Design. (Previous assignment can be seen here…) Our second assignment was to create an advocacy poster. At the time, the DOMA and Prop 8 hearings were going on, and I wanted to create something about gay marriage and human rights… But as you can see, that’s not exactly how things turned out…



For my advocacy poster, my original idea was much different. My first poster design was for human rights, specifically in relation to the Supreme Court’s hearing on gay marriage. After class, I was mulling over my concept and thought it was just too complicated. My cat was being very photogenic, and I captured the image for the poster that night. Immediately after looking at the image, the idea popped into my head.

I decided that with the image effects, and the concept of an abandoned, shelter pet, a grungy, bold typeface would be the best choice to capture attention and keep with the theme of the poster. The simple statement, “Adopt a Shelter Pet,” drives the message home, to make sure the idea is clear, and I added the logo of a local shelter to make it a little more real.


The Aftermath – Nemo

Here are some shots of the aftermath of the blizzard that hit New England this past weekend. Before the storm, I couldn’t imagine everything covered in 2+ feet of snow, and after it hit, it looked as strange as I imagined it.

Unlike winters past, there was no snow on the ground before Nemo, and the storm completely changed the landscape, transforming everything into another world.

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The Faces of Worcester II

Still unsure what I’m going to end up doing with these, but they’re still very inspiring.

The Vietnamese woman was a true joy. At first I thought she was misunderstanding my request to take her photo. She kept saying that there were beautiful flowers near Clark. I said, “Yes, but I like photographing people. May I take your picture?” She insisted that I walk with her to the flowers. We got to Crystal Park.

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On the way we chatted. She’s lived in Worcester for 15 years. She’s from Vietnam. She doesn’t like Vietnamese people because they’re hard to talk to… and you have to be careful who you talk to on the street. (I guess I didn’t give her any bad vibes.) She was wearing a sedge hat and asked me why Americans like them so much. I said that I didn’t know. She offered to make me egg rolls next time I see her. I gave her my number and told her I’d give her a print of the photo soon.

She was very methodical in planning out the photo once we reached the park and insisted that I take a few. If one in 20 people I meet turns out like this, this project will be a thrill.