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On the Job: The Lighter Side

While my time at GoLocalWorcester kept me busy with Senate special elections, city council meetings, and other newsy stuff, I was always happy to don another voice for the lighter stories. I went to openings at the local science museum, covered street art fairs, and watched some of New England’s most physically fit bike their way up the steepest hill in the city.

job photos (63)It’s hard to say what events were the most rewarding, but definitely one of the most challenging was covering the blizzard that earned Worcester’s the record snowfall amount in winter 2012-2013. That… was a doozy.

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Small Wonders

This year, the city I live in won the “Golden Snow Globe” award for being the snowiest city in the nation with a population over 100,000 people. We received 108.9 inches. (If you can consider that something worthy of praise.) While I’m pretty sick of snow at this point, I had a ton of chances to capture it, big and small. Macro shots of the snow were a lot of fun, and made me think about composition a lot differently.

Things get a little more difficult, I found, when you’re dealing with such a narrow depth of field and small subject.

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The Aftermath – Nemo

Here are some shots of the aftermath of the blizzard that hit New England this past weekend. Before the storm, I couldn’t imagine everything covered in 2+ feet of snow, and after it hit, it looked as strange as I imagined it.

Unlike winters past, there was no snow on the ground before Nemo, and the storm completely changed the landscape, transforming everything into another world.

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The Blizzard of ’13

…At least that’s what I’m coining it for now. Worcester got hit pretty hard, but of course those 60 mph winds and driving, piling snow didn’t keep me inside. Check out photos from my excursions.

More Winter Eats

So, I’ve wanted to make this cake for a while but have been too nervous. After all, the dessert is famed by the oh-so-exclusive Lady M Confections and the other Lady M(artha Stewart)… that bitch

The Mille Crepe cake calls for at least 20 crepes layered with pastry cream. I’ve been making blintzes for years, so the crepes came easy, but I’d never made pastry cream. A summer working at a cake and coffee shop didn’t prepare me enough, apparently.
The recipe I used was from Cream Puffs in Venice, an awesome food blog for a foodie (and photographer) like myself. However, having never worked with boiling milk, the cream turned into something more like pudding. I didn’t have Kirsch, so opted for coffee liqueur instead. It tasted fine but looked pretty lumpy… but I guess once you cut it, no one cares.

We had it with a glass of Jack Daniels and eggnog with some nutmeg sprinkled on top. Smells like winter.

Happy Holidays!

Winter Break

Although I leave two cats and three wonderful roommates when I travel home for the holidays, I still have a lot to look forward to. Warmer temperatures, indoor heat, loving parents, and the time-frozen neighborhood of my childhood all welcome me back gladly, but there’s also another perk: a huge, clean kitchen. If you’ve seen any of the photo posts I’ve done in the past you’ll find that while the kitchen in our apartment does have a ton of useful stuff, four people cooking in it can make it pretty messy (especially when we’re all too busy to clean). So when I’m home, I take advantage of generous, hungry parents and treat us all to some good cooking.

On the menu last night was an asparagus, onion quiche. We also had a bunch of potatoes, so I got the cheese grater and sliced them super thin, layering them in the bottom. Then came a layer of brie to make it extra creamy. I tossed on a pinch of nutmeg. Sounds weird, I know, but it worked with the brie somehow. I poured in the mixture of veggies, eggs, cream and flour and placed some strips of gouda and a dash of parsley on top to make it pretty. Who would have thought I’d be the one making the house smell delicious at dinnertime.